Drowning Clowns
All Things Covered Over

What started as the musical haven of one man has evolved into a stunning & diverse collaboration of several prominent Pittsburgh musicians. For over ten years, Mike Speranzo has slowly groomed the Drowning Clowns debut album "All That's Covered Over" into an elaborately orchestrated musical catharsis with Liz Berlin (Rusted Root), Frank Spadafora (Crisis Car), Evan Smith (DC/Independent/Element Pro Skateboarder), Dirk Miller (The Speeds, Rusted Root), Mike Hammer (InSpiral), Jesse Prentiss (Ritual Space Travel Agency), and Shaggy Marcello (The Distractions). The intricate weaving of each memberís creative contribution produces a sound that cannot simply be defined by any genre.

All That's Covered Over is available here

Black Coast Royals

Black Coast Royals are an all original rock and roll vintage machine. covering a diverse range of styles from Pink Floyd-esque cinematic epics to straight-ahead rock and roll and americana.

The band is comprised of Jason Trunzo (vocals, guitars, keyboards) Travis Lacey (percussion of every sort) Jason Gilbert (bass) and Allie Mink (keyboard, trumpet, vocals, percussion).


Cordell Gibson
Untold Stories

Cordell Gibson is a 23-year-old Pittsburgh native with a strong talent for R&B and Soul.

"Untold Stories" is comprised of all original songs that follow the life of Gibson. His nature pours forth in the honesty of his music through the exploration of emotion and personal anecdotes. Gibson invites the listener to hear his struggles, celebrate his triumphs, and share in his dreams.


Untold Stories is available here


Liz Berlin

"AudioBioGraphical" is the debut studio CD from Liz Berlin (of rusted root). The tracks on "AudioBioGraphical" find Liz front & center as a standout voice within an ever-changing palette of textures, instruments, loops & moods. Liz breaks new ground in this remarkable album moving effortlessly through & around genres.

Notable guest musicians grace this effort including Gary Shider of Parliament Funkadelic with his soulful vocal contribution to "Ask ". Soma Mestizo's Christianne Leach is featured on the first track "Love You" as well as Crisis Car's Frank Spadafora adding vocals to the serene yet disturbing "Souvenir," which also features New Invisible Joy's Mike Gaydos with his signature guitar landscape.


The Zygote

Wino Riot is a band rooted in strong melodies and catchy hooks that are tied together by intricate vocal harmonies aiming to create a unique take on psychedelic pop/rock. The group is comprised of David Barton (guitar, vocals), Doug Fitzsimmons (keyboards, vocals), Charles Kulbacki (guitar, vocals), Marc Martinka (drums, percussion), and Nick Michaels (bass).

"The Zygote," contains thirteen songs by experienced musicians dealing with the ups, downs and questions of everyday existence. The album caught the attention of Mike Speranzo and Liz Berlin (co-owners of Mr. Small's) and led to Wino Riot and the new album being backed by their non-profit label, Creative.Life.Support records. Throughout the process, the support and guidance of Speranzo, Berlin and Luther led Wino Riot to where they are now, with their eyes and minds on the future and sharing their vision (or perspective) with anyone who wants to look inside.


It's About Time

Jazzam is a high energy- get the party started NOW- jazz/power-funk band. With modern and traditional influences ranging from Jazz, Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B and World Music every set has its own distinct flavor and its own unique pulsating intensity. By skillfully integrating short quotes of current and traditional cover songs into their tight jams and performing full covers that regularly knock audiencesí collective socks off, Jazzam relies heavily on highly composed original tunes while maintaining a close connection to a wide variety of audience favorites.

While maintaining a refined and subtle approach, Jazzam draws on the raw energy and power emitted from their frenzied, gyrating fans. Sending the energy back full force while creating an overflowing pool of dancable funk that pours out from the stage, the band immerses the crowd with hypnotic grooves and complex melodic harmonies, dragging them deeper and deeper into the music.