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This summer's Real.Life.Music Camp will be
July 25th - 29th, 2016

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Partial scholarships may be available for anyone based on financial need. Full scholarships are available for current and former foster youth through the Allegheny County Office of Children Youth and Families Summer Camp Guide. Also, full and partial scholarships may be available for youth living with Crohns and Colitis through The Reeva Project.
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Take a listen to our camper's amazing original music!



REAL.LIFE.MUSIC CAMP, developed and directed by Liz Berlin of Rusted Root is a unique opportunity, which provides young artists with invaluable knowledge, experience and resources, to help guide them towards success as working musicians in the music industry. Workshops and seminar topics range from band dynamics to booking your own shows, web presence and marketing, as well as musicianship and performance seminars. All participants walk away from the camp with a professionally recorded demo of their own original music, professional band photo, comprehensive bio and a wealth of printed resources to help guide them in their careers. REAL.LIFE.MUSIC CAMP culminates with a concert featuring the talents of all camp artists and bands as well as presenting and visiting artists. Also, If you are more interested in the technical side of recording, you can attend camp as an audio engineer. Ages generally range from 6 to 18, but anyone who feels they would benefit is welcome to attend. 

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If your school or group is interested in scheduling a MUSIC program just let us know. We can provide week-long, a day-long or a series of weekly sessions. We can schedule field trips, boy & girl scout merit badges and any kind of private program or event. We can also schedule programs for HOME-SCHOOL and CYBER-SCHOOL students. Contact for more information or to schedule a program.


We Rock Workshop

We are now in our fifth year of the We Rock Workshop, a residency program lead by Liz Berlin of the multi-platinum band Rusted Root. This workshop guides young adults (ages 14-22) across Allegheny County who are currently involved with the Department of Human Services to open up through the arts by exploring the creation, production and performance of music and dance. The course culminates with the recording of original songs created by the participants and a final performance at Mr. Smalls Theatre. Students will leave the program with a CD containing the songs they collaborated on.

If you are a young person currently involved in the foster care and/or legal system that is interested in creating and performing music or dancing, then the We Rock Workshop would be an ideal opportunity to explore that creative outlet. We hope that we can encourage eligible students to meet new people and learn about the music industry while having fun. Our goal is for young people to express themselves while learning valuable skills and an understanding of the realities of the music industry.

The We Rock Workshop is currently in the recordingl phase. Auditions for dancers will be held in January 2015.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact or call 412-821-4447.

The 2015 Revival Series
Because in our perfect world:
shows are free, people show up, bands get paid and local music reigns supreme!

The Revival Series, now in its third year is a new model of local music showcase run through Creative.Life.Support. Every Revival show held at Mr. Smalls Theatre is a full-scale concert with full staff, lighting, and sound crew to provide local and regional artists experience playing a larger venue than they might be used to.

So how does THIS work? Well, each band receives a predetermined number of tickets which they distribute FREE to fans/friends/family/etc. Then each patron bringing a pre-printed ticket to the show will earn their band $1. Tickets will have the band's name printed first for easy identification & tallying, but each ticket will reflect the evening's full lineup. So if a band asks for 100 tickets and brings in 100 people they'll get $100, plain and simple.

Also at the end of each band's set the Mr. Smalls staff will "Pass the Hat" around the venue so patrons can donate extra money to the band. Attendees are free to donate to any/all of the other acts or not donate anything at all, it's totally up to you. So please come enjoy the free music and help us with this ground breaking experiment in local music culture!

Click here for an article about the Revival Series in the citypaper that explains it all pretty well

If your band is interested in performing at a Revival show, email